Androscoggin County Jail

Sheriff Eric Samson


Prison Rape Elimination Act - PREA

The Androscoggin County Jail has a systematic process that starts when an arrestee enters our intake area (the booking process). Upon Booking all ACJ arrestees will be explained PREA and our zero tolerance. This form and posters throughout the facility explain the ways to report any instance of sexual assault or harassment. This includes: telling a staff member, volunteer, or contractor; by sending an inmate request or grievance; making a report on the free ACJ PREA Hotline; or by writing the Department of Corrections PREA Coordinator. Any of these reporting means can be done anonymously and are available to third parties in the community. If someone is a victim of sexual assault or harassment they have the right to treatment, counseling and help free of charge.  Victim advocacy services are available and mental health for those in need. For those persons dealing with trauma related to acts of sexual violence in the community ACJ will assist in the continuation of services during their incarceration. 

Report Sexual Abuse to:  The P.R.E.A. Hotline at (207) 753-2575


Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office

Attention: P.R.E.A. Coordinator

2 Turner Street

Auburn, Maine 04210


If you wish to report to an outside source write to:

Maine Department of Corrections

Attention: P.R.E.A. Coordinator

25 Tyson Drive

111 State House Station

Augusta ME 04333-0111


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