Androscoggin County Jail

Sheriff - Eric Samson


Commissary Information

Androscoggin County Jail no longer accepts money orders to fund an inmate account. We do have a kiosk in our lobby or money can be placed via web through or phone by calling 1-866-345-1884. Inmate accounts can also be funding through Securus at or by phone at 1-800-844-6591.

This will provide the inmate with funds on their inmate account, so that they may purchase commissary (food, hygiene items, and clothing), they may also purchase phone time, pay medical copay’s, get haircuts, etc. with this money.

Care packages can be purchased for inmates through

Inmates that do not have money on their account will be considered indigent, and allowed hygiene items, writing material, and one haircut every 60 days.

If an inmate wishes to release secured property to a person on the outside, the inmate must fill out a property release form. To pick up the items you must have of form of State Identification, or two other forms of identification, such as social security card, birth certificate, school identification, or passport.

If an inmate is transferred to another county facility all property and money will be sent with them. If an inmate is transferred to a State facility all money will be sent with them, and they are required to make arrangements for someone to pick up their property within 30 days.

After an inmate is released they have 3 business days to pick up their commissary order or it will be disposed of. When released from incarceration the remainder of the inmate account funds will be given to them in the form of a debit card this includes money the inmate has placed on the phone.

If you require additional information or assistance please contact the Canteen Officer.

Canteen Officer
Phone: (207) 753-2500 Ext: 1718