Androscoggin County Jail

Sheriff- Eric Samson


Alternative Sentencing Program

Sergeant Christopher Gendron, Programs Director
Contact Number (207) 753-2500 Ext: 1713
Email Address:


The Alternative Sentencing Program (ASP) is a chance for any individual that is found GUILTY of a non-violent misdemeanor crime, which is not a sex offense, in the State of Maine, to do their jail time in an alternative way. Instead of serving your time in a county jail in Maine, you will be required to do a number of community service tasks in the Lewiston/Auburn area. These tasks include a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.  

We accept participants that are sentenced in all Counties in the State of Maine. All courts will send your information directly to the Programs Director at the Androscoggin County Jail (ACJ). Please click here for the registration form that needs to be filled out and sent to the Programs Director at the ACJ.

If you have not received your informational packet from the ACJ, in regards to the Alternative Sentencing Program within 2 weeks of your sentencing, please contact the Programs Director Victoria Langelier at 207-753-2576.

***If you were sentenced in Cumberland County Courts you are required to process with the Cumberland County Jail (CCJ) before you can be accepted for our Alternative Sentencing Program. This involves going to the CCJ and asking them to register you for the Androscoggin Alternative Sentencing Program. The CCJ will fill out paperwork, take your fingerprints and forward your paperwork to the Androscoggin County Jail. When this is done, you will be officially registered and your spot will be saved. ***

There are two types of individuals in each program; one the court labels first offenders/weekend participants who serve roughly 48 hours in the program, and another that is labeled second offenders/weeklong participants who serve 7 days in the program. Being labeled first and second offenders has nothing to do with your criminal history; it is about the amount of time the court would like you to serve.

Participants in the program are housed in a local area, which includes access to showers, sleeping areas, and an area where meals are served.

Weekend participant $225.00

Weeklong participant $450.00